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Tag: South Sudan

Persecution Podcast 165: Laos, Honduras, Syria, Cuba and Sudan

David and Dory share prayer updates for Laos, Honduras, Syria and Cuba. Afterward, a VOM worker shares an update about Sudan.

Episode 118: Kazakhstan, Iran, Nigeria, Colombia, and Sudan/South Sudan

Dory and David share prayer updates for Kazakhstan, Iran, Nigeria, and Colombia. In an interview with Todd, Brad Phillips of Persecution Project Foundation shares about the current difficulties Christians are facing in Sudan and South Sudan.

Episode 101: South Sudan, India, and Laos

David shares prayer updates for South Sudan, India, and Laos.

Episode 96: South Sudan, Yemen, and Syria

Please pray for South Sudan, Yemen, and Syria.

Persecution Podcast Episode 78

This week Dory and a special guest share prayer updates for South Sudan and Nigeria.