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Tag: Iraq

Persecution Podcast 169: Egypt, Iran, Vietnam and Iraq

David shares prayer updates for Egypt, Iran, Vietnam and Iraq.

Persecution Podcast 140: Syria, Kenya, Azerbaijan and Iraq

David and Dory share prayer updates for the countries of Syria, Kenya, Azerbaijan and Iraq.

Persecution Podcast 126: Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Asia, and Turkey

Todd, Dory, and David share prayer updates for Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Asia. Afterward, relatives of Necati Ayden, a Christian Turkish man who was murdered for his faith, share their testimonies of their struggles before and after his death in 2007.

Episode 122: Iran, Kuwait, Ethiopia, and Iraq

Dory and David share prayer updates for Iran, Kuwait, Ethiopia, and Iraq. Afterward, a VOM worker shares his feelings on one of VOM’s Main Purposes.

Episode 90: North Korea, Iraq, and Belarus

Dory joins David in sharing this week’s prayer updates for North Korea, Iraq, and Belarus.