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Episode 122: Iran, Kuwait, Ethiopia, and Iraq

Dory and David share prayer updates for Iran, Kuwait, Ethiopia, and Iraq. Afterward, a VOM worker shares his feelings on one of VOM’s Main Purposes.

Episode 122

Children in Ethiopia

Iranian officials recently closed one of only four churches in Tehran that still offered Farsi-language services. On June 5, the Revolutionary Guard’s intelligence branch ordered an Assemblies of God (AOG) church to cease all activities and threatened to confiscate church facilities if the church did not comply. Leaders of the church had previously received permission from authorities to use their church building in Tehran’s northwestern district of Janat-Abad to serve Assyrian-background church members. Over time, a Farsi-language service on Sundays began to attract more people. The church began to grow rapidly, which drew the attention of authorities. More than 70 people met for the service every week. Thank God for the spread of the gospel in Iran, and pray that this persecution will purify and strengthen his Church. Zechariah 13:9

Kuwait’s emir has refused to pass a bill previously approved by parliament that would permit the death penalty for Muslims who insult Islam and would harshly penalize Christians and other non-Muslims who insult the religion. The bill, which sought to institute the death penalty for Muslims who insult Allah, the Quran, Muslim prophets, messengers or Muhammad’s wives, passed with an overwhelming majority vote in May. It stipulates a minimum 10-year sentence for Christians and other non-Muslims who insult Islam. Although Kuwait’s leader has the power to veto the bill, the elected parliament can overturn his decision with a two-thirds majority vote. Please pray that the Emir’s decision will win the support of parliament and that this unjust bill will be rejected. Job 21:22

After being wrongfully imprisoned in southern Ethiopia for two years, Christian widower Tamirat Woldegorgis returned home to find his two children, ages 6 and 15, missing. “I have been trying to locate my children, but all in vain,” Tamirat said. “My life is ruined — I have lost my house, my children, my health. I am now homeless, and I am limping.” Tamirat thinks local Muslims in his village may have taken his children to limit his influence in the area. He was falsely accused of desecrating a Quran in 2010 after a Muslim co-worker accused him of writing “Jesus is Lord” in a copy of the Quran. Tamirat spent two years confined to a small cell with 50 other inmates even though no evidence against him was ever produced. The harsh prison conditions caused paralysis in one of Tamirat’s legs. He is now staying with a friend in an undisclosed location. Please pray that Tamirat will be reunited with his children and the Lord will use these troubling circumstances as a testament of his faith. Pray that Tamirat will trust that the Lord has plans for him and his family — plans to give them hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Pray for a widow that VOM supports. Her husband was killed after he shared his faith with Muslim family members. Now this woman is leading a small Bible study in Baghdad.


Comment from Franz c.caliwan
Time July 6, 2012 at 4:56 pm

As of nOw i am here in kuwait,but sad to say people in kuwait is nOt a fair for treating the christian and muslim,cuz according to them they have boundry between the belief of two religion,but the muslim … inssistng their own authority and biliev the prophet mohammad.

Comment from Sheri Hepworth
Time July 7, 2012 at 9:39 pm

What a great ‘encouraging’ lesson. Thanks for sharing.

Comment from Brenda
Time July 13, 2012 at 9:46 am

This is so sad,I thank God that we do not have to fear to worship,teach,preach or pray to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ now who knows, they are leading up to one world order. I would nothing pass them,the Gov.

May God Bless you all that are and have been persecuted for Christ’s sake. Hold on to the faith! i will be adding you to my morning prayer line, God can use you in prisons to help the spread of his holy word.Thank God he is on the throne.

Comment from William Powell
Time April 15, 2013 at 2:00 pm

We should never take our freedom to worship Christ in the United States for granted.

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