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Episode 118: Kazakhstan, Iran, Nigeria, Colombia, and Sudan/South Sudan

Dory and David share prayer updates for Kazakhstan, Iran, Nigeria, and Colombia. In an interview with Todd, Brad Phillips of Persecution Project Foundation shares about the current difficulties Christians are facing in Sudan and South Sudan.

Episode 118

In an interview with Todd, Brad Phillips (left) of Persecution Project Foundation shares about the current difficulties Christians are facing in Sudan and South Sudan. Video available on YouTube.

A church in Kazakhstan closed voluntarily after the pastor’s wife was fined for holding worship meetings in her home — the church’s legal address. After paying the fine, the church decided to close in order to avoid further punishment. Church officials said they eventually would have been shut down if they hadn’t closed on their own. Pastor Valery Kim and his wife, Larissa, said they will not re-register the church because they cannot collect the 50 signatures required for re-registration under the Religion Law. Kazakhstan’s 2011 Religion Law prohibits all exercise of religion or belief without state permission, making any future church activity illegal. Pray for the churches suffering under this restrictive religion law.

A former member of Iranian intelligence recently confirmed the government’s official agenda against Christians in Iran, specifically new Christian converts. Iranian intelligence agents are identifying pastors and active Christians in order to arrest and torture them in prison. Officials hope this agenda of arrests, terror and torture will suppress the spread of Christianity. The former intelligence agent reported that Iranian intelligence has gathered tens of thousands of files on Iranians who have converted to Christianity. In a recent example of this systematic persecution, secret police raided a Christian’s birthday party in Karaj and arrested all in attendance. The secret police photographed all of the Christians and accused them of being Zionist Christians, an accusation that carries the stigma of collaboration with Iran’s greatest enemy. Those accused of Zionism are often executed. Pray for the Christians arrested at the party and for all converts in Iran during this time of extreme persecution.

Christian leaders in Nigeria’s Plateau state say Muslim extremists, including members of Boko Haram, have killed more than the 35 Christians reported by the military in May. Attacks on 15 Christian villages left many houses destroyed and displaced more than 1,000 villagers. Christians, including children, were sometimes shot in their homes or slashed with machetes. Some believers have taken refuge at police stations and primary schools in other parts of the state, while others have fled Plateau state to avoid further attacks. Although authorities have increased security to protect Christians from Muslim extremists, the attacks continue. Pray that God will grant peace to Nigerian believers as they continue to suffer from past attacks and fear for their future.


Pray for those involved in VOM’s parachute project. Pilots in single-engine airplanes use these parachutes to drop Christian literature and radios into remote areas.


Comment from Kelechi
Time June 7, 2012 at 6:51 pm

I live in southern Nigeria where there is no attack on christians by islamic extremists but my prayer goes to my brethren in the violent region of northern Nigeria and other places where christians are perscuted world over. Lord grant your people peace.

Comment from joel Adam Broussard
Time July 11, 2012 at 9:40 am

the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and Ishmael never sleeps nor slumbers. We have made every effort to pray with compleat power for all christians who are being persecuted in Nigeria, sudan, egypt, colombia. Let those that are being persecuted know that their sons, daughters, and other families of the household of faith realize that their murders, sufferings, and witnessess were not invain but contributed to world war 3, the war between yeshua(jesus) and Satan. let your persecutors know that when they murder you that your blood like the blood of Abel will cry back to Jehovah–Allah and Jesus for vengence. In the united states where its god is Satan, we(all God’s people) are aware that Satan and his richmen and richwomen are behind persecuting all of God’s people, be they are catholic, political terrorists, who seize our christian brothers and sisters goods, to re-sell on the black markets to get richer. Their own blood will be on their hands for this treacherous business, we(Brandon, Mane and I) do suffer with all of them in spirit and in truth. of all states, Iran needs to be extra careful, in persucuting christians, because in Iran is where Abram was born during the times of the caldeans. Let me encourage every one who is witnessing for God in this state that they hate pagan–christianity(or catholicism). Let your persecutor know that you are not a believer in homosexuality or idolatrous relics as those of the catholic and protestant faith have fallen prey to believe.(Amercia in some states has legalized the practice of homosexuality and has under-rated proper marriage.) let your persecutor know that you do not believe in or practice the belief of homosexuality, but your belief is sound in Jesus(yeshua) as the son of God and he hate the sin of homosexuality. Most of the persecutors in Iran and other radical muslim states have learned radical, violent, and hatred muslim beliefs from the ancient of day,Matiff and at that time his idol, adolf Hitler, who influenced todays radical teachings of muslims who violate their quranic teachings of a proper and just yihad(jihad). In jesus name we pray. So be it.

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