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Episode 116: Iran, Laos, Indonesia, and North Africa

David shares prayer updates for Iran, Laos, Indonesia, and North Africa.

Episode 116

A Khmu Christian is baptized in Laos. The Khmu are being baptized at a greater rate than any other people group in Laos today.

The Ministry of Intelligence has ordered the leaders of a Christian church in Tehran to submit the names and national identification numbers of its members to authorities. Viewed as an attempt to deter Christians from attending church, the order will reveal the identity of Christian converts and enable security authorities to record detailed information about Christians. Although this most recent restriction will make church attendance riskier, previous restrictions have failed to decrease the rate of Christian conversions. Last February, the Ministry of Intelligence banned Farsi services at the only two churches holding Farsi services on Friday, when most people are off work. Pray that this most recent restriction will fail to hinder the spread of the gospel in Iran.

An 18-year-old boy and 20-year-old girl have been expelled from their home because of their Christian faith. When their mother became extremely ill, village elders claimed that the spirits were displeased because the two Christian children were living in the house. An older son tried to persuade his brother and sister to recant their faith, but they refused. Their mother then accused them of hating their older brother and wishing him dead. She threw their belongings out of the house and told them to leave. The two Christians immediately moved to a Christian village where they originally heard the gospel, and they were welcomed with open arms. Pray for these two brave Christians as they begin a new life away from their family.

Seventeen churches were forced to close in early May after the election of a hard-line Islamic governor in Indonesia’s Aceh Province. The churches were closed under a controversial agreement that Christians signed in 2001, stating that only one church and four chapels would be allowed. Because building permits have been routinely denied or delayed, many Christians worship in houses and other buildings. There are reportedly 12,000 Christians living in this area. Pray for continued growth despite the number of churches being closed.


North Africa
Pray for the printing and distribution of 2,000 copies of the Bible in one of the main languages of people in a severely restricted area.


Comment from Lim Hansen
Time May 24, 2012 at 6:44 pm

I Live in Indonesia, I specialy pray for the Church in Aceh Indonesia, I serve also in Tangerang Indonesia. We only praise and worship God in Home. God always be with us..Keep on Fire in Jesus.

I Hope someday Gospel can be Share to the world…All the people hear good news about Jesus..

Comment from Santiago Ponce
Time June 3, 2012 at 9:42 am

Certainly will be praying for the persecuted church. Hang in there my brethren. Wish i could trade places with you.

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