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Episode 111: Algeria, China, India, and Romania

David shares prayer updates for Algeria, China, India, and Romania.

Episode 111

Gao Zhinseng and his son.

An Algerian Christian sentenced to five years in prison for “shaking the faith” of Muslims is awaiting a decision on his appeal. “Kadar,” who regularly shares his faith with Muslims in the city of Oran, discussed Christianity with a man at an outdoor food court last May and gave the man a Christian CD. But the man got angry and accused Kadar of insulting Muhammad. Police arrested Kadar and discovered a large quantity of Christian materials in his apartment. After Kadar was convicted of shaking the faith of a Muslim, the judge assessed the maximum sentence of five years in prison even though the prosecutor had recommended a lesser sentence. Kadar is now out on bail awaiting the decision on his appeal. VOM is currently monitoring four other legal cases against Christians in Algeria. Pray that the Lord will rescue these believers from the snares of their enemies.

Family members of prominent human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng visited him recently in prison. Gao’s older brother and father-in-law met with him on March 24 at the Saya prison in Xinjiang province. His family had not seen him since his abduction by police in April 2010, and his whereabouts had been unknown until this year. His brother and father-in-law spoke with him through a glass partition and reported that he looked fine. Gao broke into tears when his father-in-law told him, “My health is greatly improved now that I have seen you.” Gao was sentenced to five years’ probation on Dec. 22, 2006, for subversion. On Dec. 16, 2011, just days before his probation was to expire, the government announced that Gao would be sentenced to three more years in prison. Praise God that Gao is alive and well; continue to pray for his family, especially his wife and two children.

Hindu extremists forced their way into a prayer meeting in Kalkaji, New Delhi, on March 12, beating the pastor and threatening other believers. Pastor Jagdish Dey was leading a small prayer meeting at a church member’s house when Hindu radicals gathered at the door of the home and began taking pictures. As the meeting ended, the extremists forced their way inside the home and dragged Pastor Dey out into the street, where 30 armed extremists were waiting to beat him. When police arrived, they took Pastor Dey into custody. The Hindus accused the Christians of desecrating idols and making insulting remarks about their gods and goddesses. Under pressure from the extremists, police persuaded Pastor Dey to promise that he would stop the prayer meetings. The extremists then banned the Christians from using the public water pump and pressured their landlords to evict them. Pray that the Lord will refresh these believers with his living water.


VOM continues to support Christians and the families of Christians who were imprisoned under Romania’s former communist regime. These believers, most of whom are now in their 80s and up, are members of the persecuted church described in VOM’s early literature.

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