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Persecution Podcast 187: Bahrain, Nigeria, India, Laos, Iran and Turkey

David shares prayer updates for Bahrain, Nigeria, India, Laos, Iran and Turkey.

Episode 187

Bahrain: Pray for Girl Beaten by Mother for Faith in Jesus
A 10-year-old girl was badly beaten recently by her mother and uncle because she told them she believes in Jesus. The girl’s father has been a believer for several years and is open with his family about his faith. During a recent conversation with her mother and uncle, the girl was asked what she believed. She replied, “I believe what my dad believes. I believe in Jesus.” Her mother and uncle immediately began to beat her, leaving her badly bruised. Despite the beating, the girl and her father remain committed to following Christ.

Nigeria: Pray for Fulani People to Receive Gospel Message
Many traditionally Muslim Fulani people in northeastern Nigeria are hearing the gospel for the first time through audio Bibles. This year, Christian workers are distributing 10,000 MP3 players with audio Bibles. The Fulani, a nomadic tribe of herdsmen and hunters, have been difficult to reach and often are opposed to the gospel. Many young men among the Fulani have joined the Islamist group Boko Haram and become hunters of Christians. The demand for audio Bibles continues to grow, and it appears that many Fulani are eagerly receiving the gospel message.

India: Pray for Christians During Elections
Many in India are watching national elections with concern, as a Hindu nationalist is expected to be elected prime minister. Some Christians are concerned that if Modi, prime ministerial candidate for the BJP, wins the election as expected, religious freedoms will be restricted and persecution of Christians may increase. Elections began on April 7, and results are expected by May 16. Although some Christians are fearful, many are resting in God’s sovereignty. One Christian worker from India said the elections are “irrelevant to the progress of the gospel. … God is in control, not Congress Party or BJP.”

Laos: Pray for Christian Teen Being Prevented from Attending Church
A 16-year-old Christian girl is being prevented from attending church by her Buddhist family members. “Tien” loves God and loves attending church, but her family has prohibited her from attending church because she refused to go to temple with them. Tien continued to attend church despite her family’s demands, until her grandmother began coming to the church every week to yell at church leaders. Tien has stopped attending church because she does not want to cause the church trouble. “I really love God and I want to go to church,” Tien said. “Please pray for me, that one day my grandmother or my family will understand me.”

Iran: Pray for Pastor Injured in Prison Raid
Pastor Farshid Fathi, who is serving six years in Evin prison, was injured on April 17 when prison guards raided the ward where he is held. According to some reports, as many as 100 prison guards raided the ward for political prisoners after they protested the harsh treatment they received from authorities searching their belongings. Fathi was finally taken to the hospital on April 20 and was treated for several injuries, including a broken foot. Witnesses stated that a guard stamped on his foot during the raid.

Turkey: Prayers Needed as Anniversary of Malatya Massacres Passes
Good Friday, April 18, marked the seventh anniversary of the murders of Necati Aydin, Ugur Yuksel and Tilmann Geske, who were viciously killed in 2007 in the offices of a Christian publishing house in Malatya. During graveside services held in remembrance of the victims, the Muslim family members of Ugur Yuksel, a Christian convert from Islam, cordially accepted a gift of a New Testament. A new law passed in February allowed the release of the five men accused of the murders, but the men have to wear electronic monitors until their trial resumes in June with a new judge and jury. Believers have noted a positive change in the way Christians are treated, saying they are more readily accepted as part of Turkish society.


Comment from William Powell
Time May 6, 2014 at 11:15 am

I think you are missing the podcast itself. The summary is here but not the podcast. Please fix. Thanks. God bless.

Comment from admin
Time May 16, 2014 at 3:39 pm

Whoops! You’re right! Thank you for letting us know.

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